Pick any Smoothie from our menu or have us make your own from the list of flavors and toppings found in the store. Add Protein to any mix. Non-dairy options are available using almond milk or oat milk. 
4 sizes available: (Small (16oz), Medium (20oz), Large (24oz) or X-Large (32oz))

Mixed Berry- Strawberries, raspberries & blueberries and nonfat vanilla yogurt
Strawberry Blast- Blend of Fresh strawberries and nonfat vanilla yogurt 
BananaBerry- Fresh strawberries mixed with banana & nonfat vanilla yogurt
BananaBerry Green- Strawberries, bananas, spinach & nonfat vanilla yogurt 
S'mores- Blend of marshmallow sauce, graham crackers and chocolate yogurt
Cookie Butter- Blend of Lotus Cookie Butter and non-fat vanilla yogurt
PB & Strawberry- Peanut butter, strawberries & nonfat vanilla yogurt
Peanut Butter Banana- Blend of peanut butter, banana & non-fat vanilla yogurt 
Peanut Butter Cup- Peanut butter, fresh banana & low-fat chocolate yogurt
Nutella Dream- Blend of Nutella, ripe bananas and non-fat vanilla yogurt
Nutella Oreo- Blend of Oreo Cookies, Nutella with non-fat vanilla yogurt
Cookies & Cream- Oreo cookies and non-fat vanilla yogurt
Mango Sunrise- Fresh strawberries, mango concentrate & non-fat yogurt
Pineapple Banana-Blend of bananas, pineapple concentrate & non-fat vanilla yogurt
Tropical Mix-Fresh strawberries w/pineapple & mango concentrates & non-fat yogurt
Chocolate on the Green- Banana & spinach with low-fat chocolate yogurt 
Cinnamon Toast Crunch- Cinnamon toast crunch cereal & non-fat vanilla yogurt
Fruity Pebbles- Mix of fruity pebbles cereal & non-fat vanilla yogurt
Pina Colada-Coconut water, pineapple concentrate & non-fat vanilla yogurt
Nutella Java- Blend of Nutella with our coffee yogurt